Recrear is a Canadian charity composed of a network of young professionals from around the world. By designing and implementing participatory youth led research, we work to create active youth engagement in community development.

Our program utilizes creative techniques to understand the perspective and experience of young people in the community. Based on the results of our research, we support development partners, local institutions and community organizations to design original, youth-friendly programs.


Recrear envisions an intercultural world where young people are connected to their local and global communities by proactively participating with partners to create inspired dialogue and innovative projects.


Recrear works to ensure that young people are actively involved in the transformation of their communities.


Young people hold a vision for change

In order for this to happen, we believe that young people must first have the time and space to share perspectives in order to raise their awareness. Using fun techniques, we provide an open, comfortable environment for peers from local communities and youths from different countries to get energized, reflect on their communities, exchange ideas, and discuss opinions on important issues. We hope that heightened awareness will encourage youths to start to build a vision for the transformation of their communities.

Young people have the knowledge and confidence

to contribute to the development of their communities

The next step is to empower young people to act on their vision for change. We believe that young people must first understand the mechanisms of the development process. We facilitate a dialogue between our development partners and young people so they can become familiar with how organizations work.

However, having the knowledge is not enough. Young people must believe in themselves and be inspired to participate. We engage young people in activities to build leadership, promote empathy, and highlight the importance of what they have to teach and exchange with others. When youths feel confident about their contribution to society, they will be empowered to act.

Development actors involve and consult young people

We believe that development actors must understand young people’s experience.

Through collaborating with local youth and Recrear, development partners learn what is important to young people in the communities where they work in order to implement sustainable projects. Inversely, youth can realize their visions for change with the support and guidance of development actors.


Youth inclusiveness

We feel that every person has valuable insight, and we see youth as being on equal footing with our development partners. We promote sustainable community development by including young people’s ideas and energy in the process. In essence, we are an echo chamber for young people’s voices; we amplify their ideas and visions.


We believe that intercultural exchange between a diverse group enriches all youths involved and yields more creative and powerful development initiatives. We encourage diversity in experience, personality, nationality, and beliefs within our programs and networks.


We believe in the importance of bridging the missions of like-minded individuals and organizations in order to work together to fulfill shared visions. Collaboration and collective effort are necessary to create sustainable solutions to the world’s toughest problems.


We believe that the development process needs to be constantly examined and adapted. For us, it is imperative to collect locals’ feedback before implementing development projects, because each situation and group of people is unique. We adapt our workshops based on the community’s changing needs.