Moving Inward

Our new online Creative Movement and Physical Theatre series

Soy Emoción (un poema colectivo)

Un poema colectivo Soy Soy ansiedad, te recuerdo que tu mente también es retorcida y eres irremediablemente humana.   Soy frustración, te hago notar lo que no eres. Si me quieres callar, dejate ser.   Soy voluntad, El miedo, hijo de la ira no escapara de mi luz.   Soy miedo, no quiero frenarte ni […]

Collective poem: Going Inward.

Today, we hosted a creative session to explore our emotions around the CODIV-19 crisis. This is our collective poem. How are your emotions speaking to ? I am your fear of your feelings. I don’t want you to risk anything. I am frustration. I am the clawing in your chest, the prickles in your skin. […]

Being seen and seeing through PAR

Being seen and seeing through PAR With Recrear A poem, kinda   A new language undefined by words but rather by presence. An experience of the senses beyond the restrictive probing, prodding and fickleness of one world ways of knowing and being. A thick descriptive knowing, with body, with heart and with mind. A being [...]

Who are the people we go to in times of need?

During the Magnify experience, there have been a couple of instances of understanding and deep connection with somebody else that have left me feeling a little sad. I am not sad at the connection in that moment; that makes me feel great.   I am sad that I have had to carve out two weeks [...]

What’s ‘the system’ to me?

Have you ever found yourself blaming the system for not realizing a dream you once had? Have you declared not wanting to be part of it anymore? Have you called for ‘systematic change’? I certainly have. But what is the system? In 2017, a group of us spent a week together. We danced, laid on [...]

The ghost of incoherence – Whose knowledge is it anyways?

It took me a few weeks to digest the experience of attending the ‘Global Assembly of Knowledge Democracy’ organized by the Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA). Something about the conference did not feel right, but I initially could not put words to it. I recognized that I felt out of place in the […]

Why we are taking a Magnify sabbatical

It’s our 7th year, and we are taking a Magnify sabbatical For six years in a row, we’ve had the great honor of holding space for social innovators from all over the world during our two-week annual conference. 2017 will be a sabbatical year for RecrearMagnify. We will be taking a year off to regenerate and […]

The things that make us happy

Research Technique - Things that makes me happy

  We think about happiness a lot when we work with people. So much so that we created an exercise around it. In celebration of the International Day of Happiness, we’d like to share the technique with you and encourage that you integrate it into your own work.   The task is simple enough. Write 10 […]