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Step 1

Download and fill in the technique template
Step 2

Send the technique to our editors at
Step 3

We will schedule a chat to learn more about you and your technique
Step 4

We will help you edit the technique
Step 5

The technique will be published on the Research Lab and you will of course be credited
Step 6

We will share the technique with our networks to reach as many people as possible
Step 7

Get feedback from around the world to improve your technique
Step 8

Get inspired by and develop new techniques with other practitioners

Why a research lab?

Dance, theatre, storytelling are a few of the methods young people use to express themselves. What if you could find all these techniques in one place? That place is the Recrear Research Lab – a repository of fun participatory action research techniques inspired by the coolest youth projects around the world. We hope you will enjoy it, share it and publish with us!

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