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Moving Inward

We invite you to join us on a series of 5 sessions designed to help you connect to your body and check-in with yourself through a sequence of guided movements. The sessions allow you to move energy, release stress and anxiety, connect to your imagination and observe how things manifest and move in your body. The sessions are accessible to people who don’t have any experience with movement-based work.

Going Inward

We are excited to welcome you to a series of 5 online sessions called “Going Inward” designed to have fun and support each other as we are home preventing the Covid-19 spread. We will explore with our writing and painting to go inwards together. Each session will include a short grounding meditation, reflective exercises using creative writing and/or painting and time for introspection and break-up groups to share in small groups.
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Collective poem: Going Inward.

Today, we hosted a creative session to explore our emotions around the CODIV-19 crisis. This is our collective poem. How are your emotions speaking to

Soy Emoción (un poema colectivo)

Un poema colectivo Soy Soy ansiedad, te recuerdo que tu mente también es retorcida y eres irremediablemente humana.   Soy frustración, te hago notar lo

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