Written by: Jonas Sylvester Kasperen; Edited By: Gioel Gioacchino 

Do you like treasure hunts? Actionbound is a mobile application that combines the adventure of a treasure hunt with technology.  This technique explains how to use Actionbound as a research tool to make research activities and learning experiences super fun. The bonus feature  is that during the treasure hunt you can easily collect and systematize data.

Our experience using this technique:

Jonas stumbled upon Actionbound in Hungary at a Training Course organised by Salto Youth. The app was used to teach young participants about the the opportunities for applying to Erasmus + programs. Since that day,  his mind was flowing with thoughts on how to use Actionbound as a research tool. It took some time before he found the way to put it into action… Half a year later, we organized an open house event in Medellín, Colombia. We were brainstorming about how to organize the event and Ping! Jonas’ lightbulb light up.

We utilized Actionbound to organize a treasure hunt to learn from our 30+ guest about their relationship to social innovation. We set up the treasure hunt on the Actionbound app, sent our guests up and down our house-office scanning QR codes. At each station they were asked to do a different research-related challenge to advance with the treasure hunt. At the end of the night we could enjoy and laugh at all the pictures and videos automatically stored in the Actionbound platform.

Since then, we are using Action Bound as a research tool for our projects such as Bathroom Research and Plata, Cultura y Cambio. We also utilized the app to evaluate the participants’ experience during Magnify 2016.

Research and Development:

What are we trying to understand about the community?
Why is it important for the community’s development?
At what stage(s) of the research cycle is this method used?


What do I need?
How long does it take?

Benefits and Challenges

What are the benefits of using this technique?
What are the challenges of using this technique?


How to adapt the technique:
Tips and Traps :

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