Written by: Kirsten Williams; Edited By: Gioel Gioacchino

What happens inside your head? And what about inside your heart? What do you do with your hands? Get to know each other through the stories held in your body. 

Our experience using this technique:

One of our wonderful advisors, Natalie Abdou, used to work with the Coady Institute. She does a lot of rad theatre and creative facilitation work, this is just one of in her toolkit.

Research and Development:

Why is it important for the community’s development?
At what stage(s) of the research cycle is this method used?


What do I need?
How long does it take?

Benefits and Challenges

What are the benefits of using this technique?
What are the challenges of using this technique?


How to adapt the technique
Tips and Traps
Audiovisual material :

Recrear goes grassroots all the way.

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