Written by: Luis Felipe Moreno and Gioel Gioacchino; Edited By: Anna Wolrhab

Experiment with colors and brushes to help groups reconstruct their individual and collective learning!

During this exercise we listen to each other to interpret and paint our experiences.

Our experience using this technique:

Luis, a Colombian grass movements activist, came up with this technique to help participants of RecrearMagnify 2016 (Medellín, Colombia) reflect on what the two weeks of cohabiting meant to them. For the group, the exercise represented a way to reflect both individually and collectively on the meaning of our work together.

Research and Development:

What are we trying to understand about the community?
Why is it important for the community’s development?
At what stage(s) of the research cycle is this method used?


What do I need?
How long does it take?
Step-by-step description

Benefits and Challenges

What are the benefits of using this technique?
What are the challenges of using this technique?


Tips and Traps :

Recrear goes grassroots all the way.

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