Written by: Gioel Gioacchino; Edited By: Anna Wohlrab

Think of the 10 songs that define what it means to be young in your community/country.

What do these songs tell us about self-identity and culture?

Our experience using this technique:

In Cuba, we were really curious to know more about the music that would get everybody excited, and that would tell young people’s stories. We asked our co-researchers to think of 10 songs that capture Cuban youth the best. We got a brilliant list of hits that you can check out here. Our colleagues’ explanation on why each song mattered was the incentive for a great conversation about the participant’s identity and experiences as young people.

Research and Development:

What are we trying to understand about the community?
Why is it important for the community’s development?
At what stage(s) of the research cycle is this method used?


What do I need?
How long does it take?

Benefits and Challenges

What are the benefits of using this technique?
What are the challenges of using this technique?


How to adapt the technique
Audiovisual material :

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