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You are looking for a community to practice your growth. We are too.

Experiential learning with 16 social practitioners,

over 14 days.

Recrear Magnify is a residency program for those who seek to nourish their creative and reflective selves. For two weeks, you’ll find a home for your exploration. During the 2018 edition we will come together around this question:

“How do we introduce more creativity, reflection, and learning into our work?”

We invite you to strengthen your own social practice through participatory action research.

Element of the program

Personal Development

Engage with experiential learning techniques, theatre, and rituals to raise self-awareness and group consciousness. Magnify will hold space for you to become more present with yourself and the relationship building processes behind any community work.

PAR Training

Learn and practice Participatory Action Research (PAR) values, tools and principles to explore our learning question. We’ll discover that community experiences are co-created.

Learn and get inspired

Living and learning together encourages unexpected friendships and intimate partnerships. We’ll bring in partner organizations based in Montreal to help feedback into our own inquiry and share their own practices/experiences.

RecrearMagnify 2018

—– Montreal —–

We’re excited to be back in Montreal for this edition! The city is bursting to full with community-led initiatives and people pursuing a host of different arts-based methods to engage youth. We’re especially proud to host the residency program at the beautiful Jeanne Sauvé House.



Inside out

Our pedagogy elevates intercultural synergies by explicitly creating space for self-exploration. We overcome boundaries of nationality, race, religion and small-talk through group processes aimed at discovering that boundaries between people are fictional. We’re championing for more genuine connections with others. We explore and practice the kinds of values that are the center of facilitating learning processes with young people.

Knowledge generation

Participatory action research is the model through which we embark on this collective exploration process. For those wanting to deepen learning and creative research practices in their work, there is no better way to learn than be experiencing it first hand. Through action research we’ll discover that community experiences are co-created.

Heart-to-heart and face-to-face – youth-to-youth cohabitation:

Face-to-face encounters remain central to collective discovery. We don’t just ‘live under the same roof’, we create a lab for intercultural connection and self-exploration. By the end of our collective exploration, we’ve create the foundation to make long-term collaboration possible.



We strive to select a very diverse group for the conference to learn as much as possible from each other. Young professionals interested in participatory research and/or community development, representatives from NGOs and other institutions interested in our model, students, artists interested in transforming their creative techniques in research methods… the list is long!

If you have read about our work and are excited about Recrear, you should most definitely apply. We are looking for people from all sort of backgrounds with a passion for international and community development.

Submit your application: You apply to the Magnify conference by a written application, through which we try to get to know you are little better. The application is followed up by an informal interview with one of our staff members. If everything goes well, you are ready to pack your bags and get ready for an intercultural adventure.

Schedule a quick Skype Interview: If we think you would be a good match for us, you will receive an email from our recruiting team within 10 days from your application and you will be scheduled for a quick Skype interview. The interview is more of a chat to get to know who you are and to introduce our organization. Don’t be silly and dress up with a tie for your Skype interview (one of our very own did!). We will not ask you to put on your camera, and ties generally may not impress us anyways.

Join our team: You will hear from us within a week from your interview. You will be required to pay a deposit to confirm your participation. By the end of May, we will send you a Welcome Package with all the information you need to pack your suitcase and get in the right state of mind for two weeks of Recrear full-immersion.

More questions that we did not answer? Bring it. Email us at recrearmagnify@recrear.info and we will address it.

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