a warm welcome

Recurso 22
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So my colleagues had told me to expect the vast number of students, the enthusiasm, the wonderful hospitality and to be impressed and blown away by everything I see and hear. Well, they were right. Moreover, following in the foot steps of my dear friend and co worker Q.M will be no easy task but I always love a good challenge šŸ™‚

All I can say is that it feels like being in a room that is thriving with potential. What they have to offer is beyond measure and yet they are still discovering this themselves. At first this is strange to me but after hearing some of them share their stories, why wouldn’t they think that way. Their world is so much more closed off than the one my colleagues and I live in. Yet amidst the struggles their is an immense amount of positive energy floating around. Good ideas going unnoticed and ready to be lifted off the ground. That is why we are here. We aren’t imparting ideas but rather the tools they need to empower their own ideas.

At least for myself, I’d like to leave this place knowing that these students feel that it is well within their reach to achieve great things. I’m thrilled an excited to catch up and get to know the students here as best I can in the little time available to us. If you’re a participant reading this, keep up the enthusiasm up! It’s wonderful and it’s always the healthy first step in learning to develop your capabilities.


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