Being seen and seeing through PAR

Recurso 22
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Being seen and seeing through PAR

With Recrear

A poem, kinda


A new language undefined by words but rather by presence.

An experience of the senses beyond the restrictive probing, prodding and fickleness of one world ways of knowing and being.

A thick descriptive knowing, with body, with heart and with mind.

A being that calls for wholeness of self.

Time for joy. Laughter. Celebration.

Sadness felt and shared.

Tensions moved through.

We each come a little undone as our own stories collide with the realities of others. With our own realities

A delving into knowledge captured by our bodies and enraptured in our souls.

Unravelling and making space for the other, for ourselves.

To be. To see. To feel. To know.

Research beyond the limits of mind.

A seeing. A seeing of the other unrestrained by a lens or caged within theory.

Being seen through a ritual of collective care.

Creating and re-creating together the worlds we want now.



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