Finding our voice

Voices have always been the open paths towards mutual understanding. A voice in itself, shows significant details of one person’s personality, poise and represents in a unique way the way people view the world. There are a million ways to use voices. Talented people are lucky enough to be able to create a musical instrument […]

Surrendering to Serendipity and Finding Direction for our Passions!

I rocked up in Montreal for Recrear Magnify 2015 with very little idea of what to expect but filled with a strong sense that it was just what I needed right now, both personally and professionally…..I was content to simply ‘surrender to serendipity!’ My initial sense of enthusiasm didn’t even dissipate when I realised my […]

Fun, tranquility, and a dash of belonging

What happens when you have fifteen vibrant souls tucked amongst the hills and sunshine of a remote area just an hours outside Montreal? Fun, tranquility, and a dash of belonging. For three days, 15 diverse and accomplished young people connected through yoga, meditation, and self reflection. The insight of variant perspectives led to acknowledging that there are […]

Children of God

There was something about these kids living in the outskirts of society that drew you near to them and It wasn’t just the kids at the rest.

Reacting to Change

After the revolution, quite like most Egyptians, I was inspired, hopeful and ready to discover an untapped sector: young people.

Quiet Insurgency: The intrigue of surprise

“Now you have truly experienced South Sudan”. At first I didn’t appreciate his amusement with my ordeal, but then he began educating me on the importance of . . .

What TEK has been saying, if only we would listen

TEK has become more popular in recent years, as a distinct way of imagining and interpreting the world around us. It has also emerged as a way of thinking about the environment that is complementary to scientific climate discourse.

Driven by Curiosity

I think it is “life-affirming” to once in a while do something completely different from what you typically do.