10 was our lucky number

By Nouha MaaninouKenitra, Morocco When RecrearApply finally kicked off in Morocco, all I did was worry. It was 11.30am and only five people were present. We had worked hard and we were expecting more people: 55 students were signed up. Kamya, another Recrear staff member, had come all the way from Granada to help out […]

Today is the last day of RecrearAppy Kazan and it’s almost the time to wrap up our project.This makes me sad, but also very excited for more projects to come! We will write a detailed report on the project, but before that… I wish to thank all and each of you. Project participants – you […]

Quoting project participants: Alsu

8 days of the workshop has passed. Few weeks ago I didn’t know anything about Recrear organization, I didn’t know exactly why I had agreed to take part in this workshop, and only now (or maybe 2 or 3 days ago) I realized that I had made a good decision! I missed first session, so […]

A message from a local coordinator

Ну и вот прошли выходные, а вместе с ним еше один семинар RecrearApply, к сожалению, на котором меня не было. Но я думаю было как всегда весело. Еще осталось немного времени, чтобы успеть посетить семинар. И знания, полученные на этом семинаре, мне очень пригодятся и мне бы очень хотелось их применить. Динара 🙂

RecrearApply family

From the very beginning of the project we were saying that we are in Kazan to work. When the project participants were asking whether we had a chance to walk around Kazan, either me or Nolan would probably say that we still have a lot of time to do that. We thought (and rightly so) […]

It’s Saturday, and it is not so different that we will be going to the school this afternoon to deliver another workshop, but more crazy that I am awake at 7 in the morning. It’s Saturday! Yes, but, there is still much to do, and too much excitement running through my veins to even think […]

Quoting project participants: Marina

Now passed 4 classes Recrear. Unfortunately, I later joined the other participants and was afraid that I will have excess, but for nothing. organizers flexibly approached this issue. A year ago I was constantly asked Sasha about her studies at the University. How come there to learn? it was hard? so I was very interested […]

Qouting project participants: Ksusha

I’m sitting at home today- unfortunately it’s the last day of my vacation – and enjoying of reading the Recrear’s Blog.  I think about Nolan’s warring (ex: “Will I be helpful? Will they come back tomorrow?”) and understand that he’s very brave person. If I come to another country not as a tourist or even […]

A message from the local coordinator!

Hello everyone! Im so thankful for RecrearApply which organized such wonderful workshop! It’s very necessary experience for me and I hope It will help me to reach my goal. Im very glad that our meeting is very interesting and fruitful. Thank you for Sasha and Nolan for everything! Dinara 🙂 P.S. We are waiting you! […]

Intercultural experience

It is only the third day of RecrearApply, but I feel I have known our project participants for ages. It’s amazing also because new people keep coming in. That is encouraging, but also challenging: can we actually meet all their expectations? Since they do have such different interests! We have had participants majoring in geology, […]