Updates and Holiday Wishes

Hello again everyone, So we have now complete our first two days of Apply!Kazan and are working on material for day three now. The group we presented the introductory presentation to was small, only four in attendance, which is not at all disappointing, but I guess the hope is always that you will get a […]

Day 1 impressions

So, glad to tell everyone: Fist session of Recrear Apply is finished and it was very fascinating! It sounds like some usual thing – first day of one of the conference in KHTI. But for organizers and participations it means that something very important happened in Kazan! We were there and we are new people […]

“I want to thank you once again for organizing such wonderful event. I really missed help of competent people concerning the questions of enrollment before. Until today i had to collect fragmentary information from people who have studied or study now. Gathering of this information always took time and sometimes has not been objective.” Golitsyna […]

RecrearApply Kazan starts!

It looked like nothing special was happening – just another winter morning in Kazan, when I had to wake up 7 a.m. to go to work. Everything as usual: running late and no time for breakfast, driving on ice and searching for a parking spot in downtown. Only I knew it was a special day. […]

From Russia, With Love!

Hello Everyone! This is an exciting day as this evening will be the first session for Apply!Kazan, however, there is a very pressing issue to cover first. It is still surreal that I am sitting in Sasha’s appartment in Kazan, partially because the last three days of travel have taken me half way around the […]

Recrear’s Wish List!

Dear Friends and Supporters, This Holiday Season you can decide to support Recrear by donating some of the equipment we need for our projects. Below is a wish list of what we need for our upcoming projects with a description of how they will be used and a link to Amazon where you can purchase […]

RecrearApply! Workshop Summary

Hello Everyone, Attached to this post is the recently completed RecrearApply! Workshop Summary! We are very excited to release this file and we can’t believe it’s been a month since we left Palestine after having such a life changing experience.  We miss all of you and would appreciate any feedback you have regarding the summary. […]

Recrear-Apply! Feedback form

We would really appreciate if all the students who attended the Recrear-Apply! Workshop last week could take a few minutes to complete our feedback form. Please click here to access the form. Thanks for helping Recrear improve! – The Recrear-Apply! Team

Global Village V.I.P.

Our last day at al-Najah was beautifully unexpected. After the ‘Arabic speech’ (I must admit I have never been so nervous speaking in public), I was really touched by the Prezi presentations a group of students prepared for us. I wished I could have stopped time to sit and enjoy that moment. I did not […]

A mental picture: Click

So our time here has come to an end and the closing ceremony last night was a powerful one. Between delivering our attempted speech in Arabic, then English, attending the global village, playing volleyball with the students, doing our first ever radio interview and then eventually leaving Nablus, it’s difficult to process that our time […]