RecrearApply! Workshop Summary

Hello Everyone, Attached to this post is the recently completed RecrearApply! Workshop Summary! We are very excited to release this file and we can’t believe it’s been a month since we left Palestine after having such a life changing experience.  We miss all of you and would appreciate any feedback you have regarding the summary. […]

Global Village V.I.P.

Our last day at al-Najah was beautifully unexpected. After the ‘Arabic speech’ (I must admit I have never been so nervous speaking in public), I was really touched by the Prezi presentations a group of students prepared for us. I wished I could have stopped time to sit and enjoy that moment. I did not […]

A mental picture: Click

So our time here has come to an end and the closing ceremony last night was a powerful one. Between delivering our attempted speech in Arabic, then English, attending the global village, playing volleyball with the students, doing our first ever radio interview and then eventually leaving Nablus, it’s difficult to process that our time […]

Kevin’s Message at the Conclusion Ceremony

Marhaban.  It has been a privilege and an honor to have been working with all of you over the past two weeks.  It is humbling to witness your perseverance and ambition as individuals as you work towards bettering yourself and your community here in Palestine. We at Recrear are a small network of youth who […]


Did the past two weeks actually happen?  Two weeks literally felt like two minutes. I am so proud of my RecrearApply! team for their passion and commitment to our workshops and our project.  Gioel, Kevin, Kirsten and Qasim, you have all inspired me to keep going, to push myself and to continue giving to the […]

Share your story, one last time

I’m terrified my thoughts are going to run away with me so here is my attempt to catch everything in writing. Since I’ve been here I have forgotten that I’m still a student studying to attain a degree. But that’s just it, I’m not just a student. I never was, and neither are the students […]

Mia bel Mia

As I write, I am in a state of pure euphoria. The last session of Recrear-Apply! was today and I am SOO proud of all the work  that all of us did together. It is 1.00 am and the Recrear-Beta team is working on a final report after an amazing evening. Giving Mia bel Mia […]

Ideas in practice

The emotions that I experienced in the last two weeks have added another piece of heart to my mind. After a semester of intense studying and reading on “development”, getting on the ground and putting my ideas into practice is stimulating. In so many moments during this trip I had déjà vu of my courses […]