Extra-Curricular Activities

We have been emphasizing the importance of extra-curricular activities, especially for gaining practical experience in the field… here is a compilation of our extra-curricular activities this week at RecrearApply! total immersion with the help of some friends. Film at the Centre Culturel Francais Visit to Aseera Dinner at Mr. Mohammad’s house – KM [slideshow]

Loving the energy

I had the honor of delivering a session on building your professional network for the students today. I can’t speak for the participants but I certainly saw myself feeding off the energy in the room. Much of what I had to say really only reinforced some of the knowledge they already have themselves. Their understanding […]


What a whirlwind few days! I am sitting in a session on project development right now and my mind is being blown. Yesterday, we challenged the students to create project proposals in  groups of 8-10 and to present them in front everyone during today’s session.  Some of these students have never presented in front of […]

Scholarships at Cambridge University

Dear all, I hope you enjoyed today’s session and you are feeling prepared for tomorrow’s presentation. If you are interested in attending a program at the University of Cambridge (UK), here are some interesting scholarships you should consider applying for. To read about the scholarships available in Cambridge, plase visit: http://www.cambridgetrusts.org/scholarships/search/?country=123&submit=Search I would particularly draw […]

Video Conference to Carleton University

Yesterday, An-Najah students participated in a videoconference with students from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Recrear, an international non-governmental organization focused on helping youth around the world, implemented the session with 100+ students at the university. This was one session of a two weeks long training workshop, ‘RecrearApply!’. “It’s an incredible opportunity for the community […]

a warm welcome

So my colleagues had told me to expect the vast number of students, the enthusiasm, the wonderful hospitality and to be impressed and blown away by everything I see and hear. Well, they were right. Moreover, following in the foot steps of my dear friend and co worker Q.M will be no easy task but […]

On My Happiness

During my last visit, I remember leaving Palestine with a sense of deep happiness. I went back to my daily life with the comforting awareness of knowing there is another pocket of the world in which I can feel at home. My second visit is being equally powerful and engaging. I am taking some time […]

While we are away

The Team may have been in Jerusalem for the day, but that hasn’t meant that we have stopped thinking about how to help the Al-Najah students as they prepare their resumes, cover letters, and INTERVIEW SKILLS!  Check out this link that was posted today on CNN.com as it reiterates a lot of what KM’s presentation […]