Stuck in an elevator 16 people – What would you do?

Imagine 16 people leaving a house party at 2 AM where everyone has had enough drinks to be at least tipsy, and then getting stuck in a 3 m² elevator at basement level with no cellphone signal – what would you do? It started with jokes and selfies, but slowly anxiety set in as the […]

Circular Reflections

Dear Loved Colleagues, I remember the day I learnt what I was going to be growing up. It was July 2009 and I was walking the streets of Nablus, West Bank (Palestine). I had spent the day doing a photography workshop in Askar refugee camp: the sun was setting with all of its stunning lights, […]

Magnify 2015 – A thank you poem by Barnabas

Barnabas’ goodbye poem. Play the audio here:[divider] To thank you all for such a wonderful time, I thought I would try to write up a rhyme   An Instagram Jesus, Chris you must be, Silent, lovely, and strong was how you struck me!   Passion, eyes flashing fire express all what you mean, Dayam! Yolanda […]

Flash of luck

Have you ever felt that you were in the right place at the right time for NO particular reason? That feeling that goes through your body and makes you aware of all the possibilities. I have always thought we have our own say over our lives, and even if some things happen for a reason, […]

Finding our voice

Voices have always been the open paths towards mutual understanding. A voice in itself, shows significant details of one person’s personality, poise and represents in a unique way the way people view the world. There are a million ways to use voices. Talented people are lucky enough to be able to create a musical instrument […]

Surrendering to Serendipity and Finding Direction for our Passions!

I rocked up in Montreal for Recrear Magnify 2015 with very little idea of what to expect but filled with a strong sense that it was just what I needed right now, both personally and professionally…..I was content to simply ‘surrender to serendipity!’ My initial sense of enthusiasm didn’t even dissipate when I realised my […]

Fun, tranquility, and a dash of belonging

What happens when you have fifteen vibrant souls tucked amongst the hills and sunshine of a remote area just an hours outside Montreal? Fun, tranquility, and a dash of belonging. For three days, 15 diverse and accomplished young people connected through yoga, meditation, and self reflection. The insight of variant perspectives led to acknowledging that there are […]