Recrear New Orleans day 4

Being a part of the planning committee for Recrear New Orleans for the past week has been an amazing experience. Right now, I am really excited to see what direction we take our chapter in, and how that can benefit Recrear International as a whole. And I think what I love the most is that […]

Week 1 full of yes, no, ifs ands, but’s and I thinks

So much has happened in the past few days here in New Orleans for RecrearParticipate! We are continually striving to address all of the items on our agenda while reaching the goals which we have set for the conference. Yesterday, we broke off into several groups in order to individually address the strategies of Recrear’s role […]

New Orleans – You’re a Firework

Building a local chapter – a new initiative for Recrear but although the large task ahead of us there is certainly excitement in the air. After four days of having met and strategized with a group of students from the University of New Orleans, I have been impressed to see what we have come up […]

How lucky we are…

I have to say, it’s been almost a year since I first started working with Recrear and my heart continues to race  during every moment I spend in this organization.  Right now I have two of my very close colleagues in New Orleans with me as we are designing the guidelines for our first ever local chapter as part […]

Recrear New Orleans – Inaugural Fundraising Evening

Where: UNO-St. CLAUDE GALLERY When: 4:00 – 6:00 pm, Saturday, July 9th We would like to formally invite you to learn more about Recrear, a non-governmental organization mandated to inspire and support youth-based international development projects. For the last two weeks, a group of young leaders from the University of New Orleans has been working […]

Recrear Participate, Planning Committee: Our Schedule

Recrear Participate- Planning committee- New Orleans June 28th– July 9th, 2011 Goals: Familiarizing with Recrear’s work, history and culture; Drafting the 2011 – 2012 strategies for the UNO Recrear chapter; Preparing the proposal between Recrear international and the local chapter (to be presented at RecrearMagnify); Networking and establishing partnership with local NGO’s in New Orleans; […]