Discovering Timbiré

By Kelli Fleming, Timbiré, Ecuador Put “Timbiré, Ecuador” in Google and you won’t find much, and by that I mean you won’t find anything. Well, unless you count, which conveniently tells me how to orient myself towards the Kaaba, which, for those curious, lies about 8026.59 miles away from Timbiré. Rough. These days I can’t […]

Timbiré in Pictures

By Maria Laura Minoli, Timbiré, Ecuador After our follow-up project in Palma Real, Kelli, Caitlin and I came back to San Lorenzo, and stayed the night at Fabiola’s house. We met Iván Grueso, an agronomic engineer, who carries out projects around the area, and who would take us to Timbiré the next day. The following day […]

Sharing Some Tips for the Field

As new Recrear members Kelli Rae Fleming, Caitlin Flannery and Lala Minoli got ready to deliver our latest projects on Ecuador’s border with Colombia, Recrear Executive Director Gioel Gioacchino, now a Sauvé scholar, sent them a letter to share her insights from her work in the field. Here is her letter: My Dearest Kelli, Caitlin […]

Photo Story- RecrearParticipate – Palma Real, Ecuador

We have been quietly busy. I swear. Conference planning, 100 Voices wrap up, finishing our website… the list is endless. In the midst of this vortex of projects, we were offered an opportunity we could simply not pass: delivering RecrearParticipate in Palma Real. Around a month after wrapping up 100 Voices in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, Recrear is […]