Collective poem: Going Inward.

Today, we hosted a creative session to explore our emotions around the CODIV-19 crisis. This is our collective poem. How are your emotions speaking to ? I am your fear of your feelings. I don’t want you to risk anything. I am frustration. I am the clawing in your chest, the prickles in your skin. […]

What’s ‘the system’ to me?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text el_class=” Close”]Have you ever found yourself blaming the system for not realizing a dream you once had? Have you declared not wanting to be part of it anymore? Have you called for ‘systematic change’? I certainly have. But what is the system? In 2017, a group of us spent a week together. We danced, […]

Unraveling ourselves in the system

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text el_class=” Close”]How can I give myself permission to change and grow? And as I change, how do I contribute to the system surrounding me? Who am I to the social system I struggle to accept? Am I supposed to resist it? If so, how does that influence the mosaic of my nerves, flesh, feelings, aspirations, […]

The things that make us happy

Research Technique - Things that makes me happy

  We think about happiness a lot when we work with people. So much so that we created an exercise around it. In celebration of the International Day of Happiness, we’d like to share the technique with you and encourage that you integrate it into your own work.   The task is simple enough. Write 10 […]

Flash of luck

Have you ever felt that you were in the right place at the right time for NO particular reason? That feeling that goes through your body and makes you aware of all the possibilities. I have always thought we have our own say over our lives, and even if some things happen for a reason, […]

You Defend What You Feel

Young people with a strong commitment to the environment have one common denominator: they each have their own personal, as if customized, relationship to nature.

Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Nothing facilitates your connection to the environment better than being in nature. Sounds silly? I invite you to observe how you feel the next time you are walking in the woods, swimming in a lake, diving under the waves, or running in a park. Why do you go to these places? What do they make you feel?

How youth in Cuba are incorporating arts and the environment

Over the past several weeks, we talked to a lot of young people who are organizing and/or participating in community projects that specifically use the arts to stimulate environmental education and awareness. Our team of nine youth researches for the Recrear-CYEN participatory project all agreed that the use of art mediums encourage problem solving and […]