Recrear sat down with 8 Cuban youth leaders and discussed the power and importance of music for them. Each participant chose one song and explained to us why they believe it represents Cuban youth. Here is what they told us

Meet La Mucura

  As South Americans we live in complex contexts that have led us to search for new paths of social change. During this search we have discovered the great potential that lies in cultural expressions to create new possibilities, to reconstruct what has been broken, to unite and to recognize diversity. This is the conviction […]

Meet Roydes

I see him as a Batman type; he is everywhere and manages different lives.  Roydes spends about half of his time with his mom and great-grandmother and the rest of the time with his dad, stepmother and stepsister. While searching for our Recrear headquarters in Cuba, I have been staying with Roydes’ dad. There everyone […]

Youth Engagement & Social Media

Kristine Vodon, Industrial Designer Youth are increasingly spending a lot of time on online social media sites, which many say is leading to a generation of “slacktivists”. This infographic takes a deeper look into youth on social media, and the arguments on whether slacktivism is a bad thing, or just a new way for […]

Community Narratives

Somehow everything is different the third, fourth, fifth time around. Like reading Le Petit Prince for the 20th time, with every reread I capture a new idea or learn to see those timeless metaphors in a different way. I feel that way about New Orleans during the personal development course we just completed in our […]

Our exploratory visit to Cuba, in pictures!

After weeks of late-night Skype meetings with the project team, reading travel books and articles about Cuba, and jumping through lots of bureaucratic hoops, the Recrear project team finally landed in sultry La Habana at 3 am on a Saturday night and was greeted by Handy himself. As we drove through the quiet darkness along […]

Recrear Lives and Prospers in Kazan

By Aleksandra (Sasha) Kuznetsova, Kazan, Russia The only thing I do not enjoy about Recrear projects is that they always end. No matter how much effort you put into developing the project, or how many people will benefit from it, or even how much money you fundraise, every project will eventually finish. And no matter […]

Palma Real Follow up in Pictures

By Maria Laura Minoli, Palma Real, Ecuador Last May, three colleagues from Recrear went to deliver RecrearParticipate in a small fishing village on Ecuador’s border with Colombia, Palma Real. Kelli, Caitlin and I came back three months later to follow-up, checking how the participants had progressed on their projects and receiving feedback on the workshop. We […]