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It has always been a mystery for scientists to figure out why people do good and then feel happy about it. Here at Recrear, we decided not to solve this mystery but rather experience it. Having people from the east, west, south and north of the globe, with different tongues, looks and eye colors, yet sharing a drive to “make change”. Recrear has offered us the opportunity to get together and think about the how, what and where of making change.

Now, after almost two weeks of living together, most of us know how to say `hi, good morning and good night` in Russian, English, Danish and Arabic. Despite the differences we had in the way we looked, talked and even thought, many more similarities were there. Those similarities are what have kept us working; motivated towards the same goal, it worked as the common language that kept us communicating.


The more time I spend here in Armenia, the more I become sure that looks are deceptive. It never truly shows the reality of a person. Those who meet us for the first time assume that I am from Iran and that Kirsten is from Italy – assumptions that were quite off. All of this has proved to me that the major difference in the way we dress, talk and look blinds us from seeing all the similarities we have in common.

– Khadiga Mohamed, Egypt

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