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Gioel Gioacchino

The emotions that I experienced in the last two weeks have added another piece of heart to my mind. After a semester of intense studying and reading on “development”, getting on the ground and putting my ideas into practice is stimulating.

In so many moments during this trip I had déjà vu of my courses at Cambridge University. The people I have talked to in Nablus should be all PhD students. Discussing their struggles and aspirations, they were encompassing in simple, straightforward words the concepts that I have been thinking of intensely. But they speak with a level clarity that makes their words so profound.

Delivering Recrear-Apply! was illuminating through highlighting the gap between the knowledge that you can gain in a class environment and the epiphanies that only face-to-face, heart-to-heart interaction can generate. I hope that the students that attended Recrear-Apply! can feel the excitement that I have felt organizing this workshop and their projects.

This project took the dust off of my ‘WHY’ (In Kirsten’s Recrear-Apply language). My aspirations, ideas and vision are fertile around people and I strive for a balance between loving people around me to death and learning by doing.

– GG

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