Magnify 2015 – A thank you poem by Barnabas

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Barnabas’ goodbye poem. Play the audio here:[divider]

To thank you all for such a wonderful time,
I thought I would try to write up a rhyme


An Instagram Jesus, Chris you must be,
Silent, lovely, and strong was how you struck me!


Passion, eyes flashing fire express all what you mean,
Dayam! Yolanda would be fantastic as Mexico’s queen!


Ryan your soft smile it saved my life,
when the elevator was jammed and we were in strife!


When life gets me and I feel like a rug,
Mira you are there with a big cozy hug!


Laura your voice brings me back to earth,
Reminds me of home and our soggy shared turf!


Ok, what adventures we have had my dear Dumis,
But not over yet! In Vancouver we are roomies!


Kevin you have a fantastic brain in your head,
Great smiles, and styles, and not least of all dreads!


Sean your guitar made me feel alive,
A life lead like that is to what I do strive!


If Hans Christian Andersen had a child with Rambo
He would live in Colombia and sing “Shiva Shiva Shambho”


Claudia Claudia, what a connection we made,
My goodbye to you was what had me most afraid!


Lastly our Captain Fearless in love,
You are truly a gift sent direct from above!


That is all for now, it is time, I must fly!
I will see you again, this is not near goodbye!


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