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I was working with an NGO in Lagos, Nigeria, fundraising to build a school in Ilage-Bariga, an informal settlement located in the city. Many in the community had been heavily impacted by HIV/AIDS, including orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) who were visibly neglected and not attending school.

Although we came up with significant funds to build three houses, it was evident that operating costs were significant, and more funds were required to keep the school open. We tried valiantly to raise money but fell short of the mark. The school never opened officially.

After I left, I understood that the NGO was able to secure funds for their health initiatives (they served women as well as OVC impacted by HIV/AIDS). The ‘school’ was  quickly converted into a small health clinic and women’s centre, serving equally important community needs around combating malaria, TB and monitoring  people living with HIV/AIDS. Although the original intention was not met, it’s a reminder that NGOs sometimes have to be flexible and creative due to funding constraints while still trying to serve their communities effectively.

Jennifer Hibbard
StoriesfromthefieldFundraising and Communications Specialist

Currently based in Maputo, Mozambique
working with CUSO/VSO at Livro Aberto (Open Book), a library and literacy organization.

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