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Idea Wall

So as per conference usual, during department work time the Project Management Department was conversing to understand our tasks, responsibilities, and yearly goals.  Suddenly, the conversation steered in a direction to create an “ah-ha!” moment: to put a map of Recrear’s process of coming up with project ideas online! The result: Check out our online Mind Map! here.  In short, this map will act as a virtual representation of the “Idea Wall” the RecrearMagnify team has been developing since the first week of the conference.

Let me give you a little bit of background on the “Idea Wall.”  Creating the “Idea Wall” was an exercise Gioel and Kirsten facilitated incorporated into the project RecrearParticipate.  They introduced it to the RecrearMagnify team as way for our staff to come up with project ideas.  Quite simply the “Idea Wall” involves a group of people writing down ideas of things they can do to better their community on small pieces of paper. Those small pieces of paper get taped to a wall.  Group members can then develop an idea written on the wall by making suggestions or by adding helpful sources or questions.  As a result, the original ideas grow into substantive project plans.

Once the RecrearMagnify conference group began putting ideas on the wall, the wall was quickly covered with little Post-Its.  As we have continued conversing as a group about the ideas on the wall, the “Idea Wall” has continued to grow in size.  Seeing as the wall has helpfully acted as a way for us to unleash our ideas until now, it would be a shame to see the wall disappear at the completion of the conference in less than a weeks time.

Thus the purpose of a virtual “Idea Wall” emerges.

The RecrearMagnify team discussing ideas on the Idea Wall

We hope that we will be able to carry on the process of solidifying our project ideas as a group using this online tool long after we have all returned to our various locations around the world.  The RecrearMagnify team discussing ideas on the Idea WallSo for now, happy rainthinking Recrear!  Let’s explore the potential of our solidarity and creativity!

– Gillian

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