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truckRecrear sat down with 8 Cuban youth leaders and discussed the power and importance of music for them. Each participant chose one song and explained to us why they believe it represents Cuban youth. Here is what they told us:

1. Buena Fe “Catalejo” –  Buena Fe is a group that represents Cuban youth because they use powerful metaphors to talk about the challenges on the island. “Catalejo” means ‘telescope’ – the chorus of the song goes ‘I have a telescope with which I see the moon, Mars, up to Pluto. But I can’t see the nail of my toe’. The song is a self-reflection on how Cubans talk more easily about issues abroad than internal ones.

2. Joseito Fernandez “Guantanamera” – This is a classic: ‘We all grew up with this song-  so when it plays everyone starts singing along.’

3. Marc Anthony “Vivir Mi Vida” – This Puertorican song is probably the most played song in Cuba right now. You hear it everywhere – it’s catchy and it will make you want to dance along.

4. Moneda Dura “Somos Cuba” – This beat titled ‘We are Cuba’ embodies the enthusiasm of being young in Cuba. Our participant explains:  “youth are the future! Although we may not be perfect or have all the experience adults think is required, we have the energy and impulse to act.”

5.Gente de Zona “Bailando” – This song is warm and romantic, a lot like Cuban youth. From Havana to Santiago, this is the hit of the moment.

6.  “Son Iguales”– One of the participants suggested ‘In a way, Cuban youth are all very similar and connected. We live in the same system, have been educated the same way, and we all have the same amount of money.’

7. Raul Paz “Revolution” – This song calls for change. The participant who chose it says that this song represents Cuban youth because ‘all Cuban youth are looking for and waiting for change in the world wide opinion about Cuba.’

8. Solo Tu y Yo “Habana Blues” – This song is from the movie “Havana Blues”, an emblematic story of young Cuban musicians who leave the country for Spain. We were told it symbolizes Cuban youth because many of them dream of leaving the country in search for better economic opportunities, but always locking forward to go back to the island.

9. Buena Fe “Se Bota a Matar” – This song is about staying positive and getting rid out the negative. ‘Lo malo se bota’: ’out with the bad’. Whether you are on a crowded bus, or trying to navigate an extremely bureaucratic system, Cuban youth keep smiling, dancing, and enjoying their life.

*Please keep in mind that the opinion expressed in this blog entry do not necessarily reflect Recrear’s views. 

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