Tu no puedes comprar al joven

En verdad, es un esfuerzo de mi parte -dejar mis concepciones de como uno se ve la participación de un joven en la comunidad. En el Ouest, el idea de participación en su comunidad es definido como: iniciar proyectos, ser líder, o simplemente participar en actividades sociales organizados por los de más. Sin embargo, la […]

Honeymoon, Dismissed Development Ego and ‘the Italians’

One week in, I have absolutely no idea what 100 Voices will teach me. What is very clear is that everything I have studied, discussed and thought about up to now feels simply not useful to process what I am experiencing. My gut says that to learn the most I need to be looking at […]

Lucha de Voces

When you start a journey, a 100 voices journey, to collect stories of people you have never met, whose homes you have never visited, and whose deepest thoughts you cannot even imagine, you wonder how the first voice will be distinguishable from the others. I arrived to Ecuador a few days ago to conduct the […]