What TEK has been saying, if only we would listen

TEK has become more popular in recent years, as a distinct way of imagining and interpreting the world around us. It has also emerged as a way of thinking about the environment that is complementary to scientific climate discourse.

Welcome Aboard

It all started with a mouse click. I was reading an email from an old boss and mentor of mine. She was an active figure in my growth as an individual and professional in the past year, accompanying me through the various inevitable hardships that arise when living and working abroad. From this close relationship, […]

Photo Story- RecrearParticipate – Palma Real, Ecuador

We have been quietly busy. I swear. Conference planning, 100 Voices wrap up, finishing our website… the list is endless. In the midst of this vortex of projects, we were offered an opportunity we could simply not pass: delivering RecrearParticipate in Palma Real. Around a month after wrapping up 100 Voices in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, Recrear is […]

Tu no puedes comprar al joven

En verdad, es un esfuerzo de mi parte -dejar mis concepciones de como uno se ve la participación de un joven en la comunidad. En el Ouest, el idea de participación en su comunidad es definido como: iniciar proyectos, ser líder, o simplemente participar en actividades sociales organizados por los de más. Sin embargo, la […]

Lucha de Voces

When you start a journey, a 100 voices journey, to collect stories of people you have never met, whose homes you have never visited, and whose deepest thoughts you cannot even imagine, you wonder how the first voice will be distinguishable from the others. I arrived to Ecuador a few days ago to conduct the […]