So how lucky am I?!?

The scene is straight out of a fairytale- yet this was actually our office space for a morning session on RecrearMagnify Armenia

Chinito and the garden

Chinito proudly explained to me everything that, being lost in my daily hustle, I had never come close enough to see.

You Defend What You Feel

Young people with a strong commitment to the environment have one common denominator: they each have their own personal, as if customized, relationship to nature.

Everything is Changing?

I was aware of the changes in Cuba, and what organizations need to do to survive. Yet, I could not imagine how much, in just three years, this space and its people could have transformed. I started asking myself a few questions: the first was how much things were really changing in Cuba, and if this type of mentality . . .

Normalized Solidarity

So I am sitting here thinking I am having a sort of epiphany – solidarity can’t be a hobby. I need to make it a lifestyle.

Nature Inspired Wisdom

“I am like an ant, I am like a bird. I am neither unique nor better or more valuable than any other part of nature. We are all important.”


Recrear sat down with 8 Cuban youth leaders and discussed the power and importance of music for them. Each participant chose one song and explained to us why they believe it represents Cuban youth. Here is what they told us