Our exploratory visit to Cuba, in pictures!

After weeks of late-night Skype meetings with the project team, reading travel books and articles about Cuba, and jumping through lots of bureaucratic hoops, the Recrear project team finally landed in sultry La Habana at 3 am on a Saturday night and was greeted by Handy himself. As we drove through the quiet darkness along […]

Photo Story- RecrearParticipate – Palma Real, Ecuador

We have been quietly busy. I swear. Conference planning, 100 Voices wrap up, finishing our website… the list is endless. In the midst¬†of this vortex of projects, we were offered an opportunity we could simply not pass: delivering RecrearParticipate in Palma Real. Around a month after wrapping up 100 Voices in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, Recrear is […]

Late night brainstorming

It is 3.40 am and we just turned the lights off. As for every incredible day, this morning seems a lifetime away. I am trying to use this blog entry to recollect my thoughts, which feel all colorful and chaotic (a perfectly Bangladeshi mind space). Retelling the day in a few lines would turn into […]