Quiet Insurgency: The intrigue of surprise

“Now you have truly experienced South Sudan”. At first I didn’t appreciate his amusement with my ordeal, but then he began educating me on the importance of . . .

Driven by Curiosity

I think it is “life-affirming” to once in a while do something completely different from what you typically do.

Approaching Community through Theater

After weeks of hearing about an enigmatic but well respected theater group tucked away in the mountains of Cuba, we finally fell upon Teatro de los Elementos (Theater of the Elements). If all goes well, we hope that the entrance flanked by now-in-season mango trees will be welcoming a group of Canadian and Cuban students in November. […]

Cab Drivers & Traffic Jams

While brainstorming for this post earlier today, I was having some trouble coming up with a topic. Everything was feeling a little too dry and routine. Would readers be more captivated by a discussion of what it means to be an international NGO? Or maybe the trials and tribulations of collaborating with numerous partners will […]

Welcome Aboard

It all started with a mouse click. I was reading an email from an old boss and mentor of mine. She was an active figure in my growth as an individual and professional in the past year, accompanying me through the various inevitable hardships that arise when living and working abroad. From this close relationship, […]