Magnify 2015 – A thank you poem by Barnabas

Barnabas’ goodbye poem. Play the audio here:[divider] To thank you all for such a wonderful time, I thought I would try to write up a rhyme   An Instagram Jesus, Chris you must be, Silent, lovely, and strong was how you struck me!   Passion, eyes flashing fire express all what you mean, Dayam! Yolanda […]

Ready for a whole new cha-cha-cha.

we won’t be just ranting about ‘young people and climate change in Cuba’. We are telling a story of Cuba. But still – this is a big deal. Because Cuba is different, is misunderstood, is polarized, is polarizing.

Nature Inspired Wisdom

“I am like an ant, I am like a bird. I am neither unique nor better or more valuable than any other part of nature. We are all important.”

Organizational Gratitude

If I could pick few qualities that I think any organization should be founded on, gratitude would be on the top of my list.

Announcing our Board of Directors for 2012/13

After more than two weeks of intense work and exploration, we are proud to announce our newly elected board of directors for 2012/13. Looking forward to a year of growth and exciting possibilities Executive Director    Gioel Gioacchino – At the center of Gioel’s work is the belief that intercultural dialogue is a powerful instrument for international […]

Our Idea Wall

So as per conference usual, during department work time the Project Management Department was conversing to understand our tasks, responsibilities, and yearly goals.  Suddenly, the conversation steered in a direction to create an “ah-ha!” moment: to put a map of Recrear’s process of coming up with project ideas online! The result: Check out our online Mind Map! here.  In short, this map […]

Cab Drivers & Traffic Jams

While brainstorming for this post earlier today, I was having some trouble coming up with a topic. Everything was feeling a little too dry and routine. Would readers be more captivated by a discussion of what it means to be an international NGO? Or maybe the trials and tribulations of collaborating with numerous partners will […]

Less than lovely

– by Kelli Fleming “Well, shit. I guess I’m not writing this from the best state of mind seeing as last night was Gioel’s 25th birthday.”  :10:12 am: This is the first sentence of the blog I started Thursday morning…pre-worst-chuchaqui-slash-ate-something-terrible-combo-sickness-of-death kicked in.  I know…very dramatic. Finish reading this post here. 

Photo Story- RecrearParticipate – Palma Real, Ecuador

We have been quietly busy. I swear. Conference planning, 100 Voices wrap up, finishing our website… the list is endless. In the midst of this vortex of projects, we were offered an opportunity we could simply not pass: delivering RecrearParticipate in Palma Real. Around a month after wrapping up 100 Voices in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, Recrear is […]