Stuck in an elevator 16 people – What would you do?

Imagine 16 people leaving a house party at 2 AM where everyone has had enough drinks to be at least tipsy, and then getting stuck in a 3 m² elevator at basement level with no cellphone signal – what would you do? It started with jokes and selfies, but slowly anxiety set in as the […]

Circular Reflections

Dear Loved Colleagues, I remember the day I learnt what I was going to be growing up. It was July 2009 and I was walking the streets of Nablus, West Bank (Palestine). I had spent the day doing a photography workshop in Askar refugee camp: the sun was setting with all of its stunning lights, […]

Magnify 2015 – A thank you poem by Barnabas

Barnabas’ goodbye poem. Play the audio here:[divider] To thank you all for such a wonderful time, I thought I would try to write up a rhyme   An Instagram Jesus, Chris you must be, Silent, lovely, and strong was how you struck me!   Passion, eyes flashing fire express all what you mean, Dayam! Yolanda […]

Finding our voice

Voices have always been the open paths towards mutual understanding. A voice in itself, shows significant details of one person’s personality, poise and represents in a unique way the way people view the world. There are a million ways to use voices. Talented people are lucky enough to be able to create a musical instrument […]

Fun, tranquility, and a dash of belonging

What happens when you have fifteen vibrant souls tucked amongst the hills and sunshine of a remote area just an hours outside Montreal? Fun, tranquility, and a dash of belonging. For three days, 15 diverse and accomplished young people connected through yoga, meditation, and self reflection. The insight of variant perspectives led to acknowledging that there are […]