What’s ‘the system’ to me?

Have you ever found yourself blaming the system for not realizing a dream you once had? Have you declared not wanting to be part of it anymore? Have you called for ‘systematic change’? I certainly have. But what is the system? In 2017, a group of us spent a week together. We danced, laid on [...]

Unraveling ourselves in the system

How can I give myself permission to change and grow? And as I change, how do I contribute to the system surrounding me? Who am I to the social system I struggle to accept? Am I supposed to resist it? If so, how does that influence the mosaic of my nerves, flesh, feelings, aspirations, and day-to-day [...]

The ghost of incoherence – Whose knowledge is it anyways?

It took me a few weeks to digest the experience of attending the ‘Global Assembly of Knowledge Democracy’ organized by the Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA). Something about the conference did not feel right, but I initially could not put words to it. I recognized that I felt out of place in the […]

Why we are taking a Magnify sabbatical

It’s our 7th year, and we are taking a Magnify sabbatical For six years in a row, we’ve had the great honor of holding space for social innovators from all over the world during our two-week annual conference. 2017 will be a sabbatical year for RecrearMagnify. We will be taking a year off to regenerate and […]

The things that make us happy

Research Technique - Things that makes me happy

  We think about happiness a lot when we work with people. So much so that we created an exercise around it. In celebration of the International Day of Happiness, we’d like to share the technique with you and encourage that you integrate it into your own work.   The task is simple enough. Write 10 […]


That morning, I went to pee. Everything stilled. There were two doors. A person with a skirt and one without. I breathed out, and walked forward. Washing my hands next to a woman doing her lipstick, I stared at myself in the mirror. “You shouldn’t be here.” The thought kept running in my mind. It […]

Stuck in an elevator 16 people – What would you do?

Imagine 16 people leaving a house party at 2 AM where everyone has had enough drinks to be at least tipsy, and then getting stuck in a 3 m² elevator at basement level with no cellphone signal – what would you do? It started with jokes and selfies, but slowly anxiety set in as the […]

Finding our voice

Voices have always been the open paths towards mutual understanding. A voice in itself, shows significant details of one person’s personality, poise and represents in a unique way the way people view the world. There are a million ways to use voices. Talented people are lucky enough to be able to create a musical instrument […]

Fun, tranquility, and a dash of belonging

What happens when you have fifteen vibrant souls tucked amongst the hills and sunshine of a remote area just an hours outside Montreal? Fun, tranquility, and a dash of belonging. For three days, 15 diverse and accomplished young people connected through yoga, meditation, and self reflection. The insight of variant perspectives led to acknowledging that there are […]

Children of God

There was something about these kids living in the outskirts of society that drew you near to them and It wasn’t just the kids at the rest.