Reacting to Change

After the revolution, quite like most Egyptians, I was inspired, hopeful and ready to discover an untapped sector: young people.

Driven by Curiosity

I think it is “life-affirming” to once in a while do something completely different from what you typically do.

You Defend What You Feel

Young people with a strong commitment to the environment have one common denominator: they each have their own personal, as if customized, relationship to nature.

Ready for a whole new cha-cha-cha.

we won’t be just ranting about ‘young people and climate change in Cuba’. We are telling a story of Cuba. But still – this is a big deal. Because Cuba is different, is misunderstood, is polarized, is polarizing.

Meeting With Myself

Magnify conference time! We were in a full immersion with ourselves during the first week of personal development course, then we dove into the New Orleans world of non-profit and youth leadership. Creative juices flowing: ideas laughters, words, online tools, to dos left and right… It easy to get swallowed in the complexity of managing […]