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Are you passionate about youth and community development?

Join a growing international organization!

The role of board members is to provide stewardship, direction, assistance and accountability to Recrear in accordance to its mission. Composed of at least 50% members under the age of 30, the board aims to find a balance between representing the interest of young people and Recrear’s main stakeholders, as well as ensuring a sustainable management for the organization.

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Recrear’s treasurer

Join our board as Recrear’s treasurer. The treasurer is responsible for overseeing the financial administration of the organisation, reviewing procedures and financial reporting and making sure the Recrear complies with all tax filing requirements. Don’t worry, it won’t be just about numbers! The treasurer is part of the board’s dynamic discussions on organizational growth and vision.

Strategic Partnerships

and Development Director

We are currently recruiting a Strategic Partnerships and Development Director (Global). The director is first and foremost responsible for seeking out opportunities – through partnerships, grants, projects and other opportunities– that support or expand Recrear’s international work.