About us

We observe & we recreate

We are a community interested in social transformation from a place of emotional grounding, creativity, co-creation, and care. 

The meaning of Recrear is to re-create, regenerate, renovate, transform, move. It is the opposite of being static and stuck. We are always looking at the future trying to pay attention to what needs to emerge organically within us, our communities and the societies we are part of. 

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Recrear is a community where people with a social itch come together to reconnect, recharge, co-create knowledge and manifest new realities within ourselves, our communities, and humanity.

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We envision a world in which we can each feel, understand, care for and transform ourselves and our communities in connection with others and our nature.

Our Objetives

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We support youth organizations and groups to experiment, thrive and be recognised for their work.

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We host human labs to experiment with others and deepen co-creation.

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We promote and carry out creative participatory research with communities to co-develop new understandings and seek collective solutions.

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We use reflective practices and action-learning to transform organizational cultures from within.

Working Principles


We work with art and movement techniques to hold space for self and collective discovery

Group focus

we like to witness and accompany all sorts of groups. We like the beauty and messiness that forms when people come together


We value pushing through the fear of creating intimate spaces with others. We open the space for raw emotions so we can accompany each other deeply


We don’t like to work in automatic gear. We work like an artisan boutique – We like to take on only the projects we can chew and we focus on tailored design and quality

Experimenting with our collaboration

We cultivate our team by accompanying our own learning journeys. We are testing on ourselves new ways of collaborating.


We are bringing in different disciplines and perspectives. Our team is very diverse and we bring together different worlds (AR, academia, activists, artists, healers, coaches)

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We are still under construction

This section is no ready yet, please be patient and don't stop visiting us. Very soon the magic will be complete and will bring great surprises for you.

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