We Manifest

We translate our learnings to accompany the healing and transformation of organizations and movements in order to create new social realities.

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The research and explorations we conduct, both internally to Recrear and with our partners, inspire us to further engage with organisational or societal practices that might need renewal. We don’t take anything for granted and always look at ways to strengthen collaboration and organisational culture from a place of co-creation and care. We are always looking for partners with whom we can learn and experiment. This is an area of work we hope to keep growing.

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Organizational accompaniment

We accompany groups and movements to renew and reinvent their organizational culture, through processes of collective inquiry.

Our cases
Through a process of organizational accompaniment, we worked with the board of directors, operations team and territory teams to explore the organizational culture at ARM. The process consisted of a series of training and accompaniment workshops with the team, an internal action research process,  and the production of new tools to better support ARM with communication, learning methodologies and team integration.
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Strengthening collaboration

We support organizations and movements interested in exploring new ways to engage other actors in their ecosystem.

Our cases
We’re collaborating with the SPUR Change/ Activer le Changement to strengthen the collaboration for public engagement between Canadian small and medium organizations and young activists all over the world. By organizing a series of webinars using creative techniques, we create a space for dialogue and reflection.
This is a participatory research process looking at how to protect and nourish youth civic space. Working through the experience of Oxfam, the research will explore how INGOs can better support youth-led grassroots organizations and social movements.

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