About us

We bring together people with a social itch to reconnect, recharge, co-create knowledge and manifest new realities within ourselves, our communities, and humanity.

The meaning of Recrear is to re-create, regenerate, renovate, transform, move. It is the opposite of being static and stuck. We are always looking at the future trying to pay attention to what needs to emerge organically within us, our communities and the societies we are part of.

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What we do

We Research

We are constantly asking ourselves hard questions. We believe that to manifest new realities we must understand our current ones.

We Experiment

We create human laboratories and feel-tanks to learn how to live, create, and change together.

We Manifest

We translate our learnings to accompany the healing and transformation of organizations and movements in order to create new social realities.

Our community

the people who move us

Recrear’s ecosystem is composed of all the people that make up our community. Our strategic decisions are taken in collaboration with our board and core team. We invite advisers, programme participants, and collaborators to take part in our strategic decision making whenever our decisions would affect them directly, or when further skills/knowledge are needed.

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