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At Recrear we love good questions, and  we are constantly asking ourselves hard ones.

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We believe that what you observe is in constant change, so to manifest new realities we can start by understanding our current ones. 

We design and carry out participatory action research and collective and creative processes to understand and shape our current reality, co-develop new understandings and seek collective solutions.

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We have worked with

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Commissioned research

We work with a range of partners including research institutes, think tanks, funders and Civil Society Organisations. We design and deliver participatory research processes and collective learning journeys.

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Independent research

We love designing our own research projects: independent research designed based on the questions that move us, following our impulse to explore and learn with a group or community. Our independent projects experiment with new methodologies, research processes, and ways of sharing research. We love sharing our learnings in small bites, through short stories, photos, and reflections. We also experiment with multimedia platforms.  These are usually long term projects (6 months – 3 years).

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