What we did

We spent 7 months in Cuba working with 10 young researchers, and 75 young people from 3 cities. With a research project on youth’s relationship to climate change we sought to open a space for young leaders to connect with each other, and create synergies.

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How we did it

We recruited 10 youth leaders and trained them on participatory action research methodologies. With them, we designed a series of workshops that we carried out using creative techniques ranging from theater, to creative writing, to treasure hunts. You can learn more about our research techniques on our Research Lab.

What we want to share

Cuba is full of paradoxes but we believe there is something Western countries could learn from Cubans’ relationship towards nature. Check out the interactive experience above to learn more about the research; read our recommendations for organizations interested in exchanging knowledge with Cuban youth.

Read these tips on engaging Cuban youth!

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