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At Recrear we like to host human laboratories and feel-tanks to learn how to live, create, and change together.

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We believe that change starts within. We design and organise programmes aimed at bringing people together to learn about their inner, collective and social realities in a group setting.

During our programs, we identify common questions that can be explored at the individual, group and societal levels. We use action research, creative and introspective methods, participatory design and co-creation.

We seek to understand our current realities and shape them by establishing pop-up communities in which people can deconstruct and reimagine their (inner and outer) worlds. 

We invite participants to welcome vulnerability, engage in collective care, immagine new realities, develop creative solutions and plan collective action.

We invite you to learn more about our programmes.

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Magnify is our annual residency program – we understand it as a laboratory of experiences and emotions around a question that we co-create every year.

The program is made up of a number of different elements:

  • A personal development course;
  • Training in participatory action research Recrear-style, which unfolds through a process of cooperative inquiry (essentially exploring and deep-diving with our learning question together);
  • Sessions by guest speakers from our community;
  • And last but not least, all the fun of living together. 


Each year we co-design the Magnify programme through a cooperative inquiry process which lasts six months and in which people from our network and past Magnify members come together to develop a question, dream our program, and play with new ideas.

We were unable to run Magnify in 2020 due to Covid-19. We are unsure whether we will be able to hold Magnify in person in 2021. To learn more about past Magnify editions click below. 

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Reboot is a self-facilitated womxn’s space. For a week, we engage a small group of womxn (6-8) in a reflective practice deep dive designed to collectively unpack the questions underlying our inner and collective work at Recrear. We do this together with our community and people who resonate with those questions and are interested in accompanying us and being accompanied.

Our aim is to create an environment that can be nourishing to each other’s individual growth. These gatherings are designed to critically look at the question such as ‘How do we find our path in a changing system while continually discovering ourselves?’ and and to help generate creative and thoughtful practices that facilitate our growth as people and practitioners.

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Research Lab

In the past few years we have been collecting our research methodologies in a digital library. This library provides free access to creative research methods and facilitation activities which have been designed by the Recrear team, our partners and participants in our programmes. In the library, we offer a step-by-step guide to each tool and method so that anyone can use them in their own programmes and research projects.

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Online Creative Sessions

We organise creative online sessions and series open to anyone interested in accessing an intimate digital space, checking in with themselves and reflecting on how we relate to the world around us.

We are currently offering two series:

Going Inward – aimed at exploring through creative writing and painting

Moving Inward – to dive deep with movement and physical theatre

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