Share and apply ideas and knowledge

Our courses are full of action. The participants are the protagonists of the course. We believe that learning is best when participants are involved in the process.  We create a space that allows young people to contribute with their ideas and experiences; using powerful and creative techniques

Learn how to use PAR for social change

Be among the growing wave of practitioners using PAR. Recrear’s model was designed for youth by youth from all over the world. It’s biggest value is using creative techniques to facilitate a dialogue, action and collaboration for more sustainable community development.

Connect individuals and organisations

We recognize that it is essential to connect community actors to create more sustainable development. The course consolidates these links and friendships. By the end of the course, individuals gain a network of potential collaborators so their impact may be that much greater.

How can I participate?

Open PAR Training Courses

For professionals, researchers and students

Our courses are designed for young professionals, researchers and students, who want to use Participatory Action Research for purposes such as community development, social entrepreneurship, academic research and youth engagement.

You can also become a co-organizer and bring the course to your university, organization or community by writing us at

Tailored PAR Training Courses

For organizations, universities and social enterprises

We offer PAR courses tailored specifically for your organization, university or social enterprise. Depending on the focus and size of the group, we customize our methodology to meet the objectives of your organization.

We help organizations and universities to co-design participatory integration strategies for organizations or social enterprises that manage youth programs o have youth as beneficiaries.

Still with doubts?


What is Recrear?

Registered as a Canadian Charity, Recrear is a youth-led organization with the mission to ensure that young people actively participate in the design and implementation of community development initiatives. By designing and implementing participatory, action-oriented youth-led research projects, we work to create a space for young people to use their imagination and energy to transform their communities. Since launch, Recrear has worked in over 25 communities running youth-led action research projects.

How does Recrear’s PAR model work?

Our action research model is based on the belief that in order to understand community it’s first important to understand ourselves. By understanding how young people feel, think and act, it becomes easier to understand why and how community manifests the way it does. We also believe that being youth-led, action research should be designed and carried out by young people for young people. As such, we use creative techniques to create a creative and inspired environment where young people can also feel a sense of ownership in the space.

What are creative techniques?

By creative techniques, we mean we use activities such as development theater, photography, art, creative writing and movement to facilitate dialogue between youth. We’re always looking to expand and grow our methodology with new techniques that allow the participants to be the protagonists of the workshops and share their experiences, abilities and ideas.

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for young people (16-35, with exceptions) that are interested in community development and social change work. The course is particularly useful for those seeking to develop a capacity to design research project, improve the quality of  youth participation in their work, evaluate projects in a more participatory manner and share with young people more participatory tools to facilitate dialogue and research. In the past we have engaged students, social entrepreneurs, young civil society representatives, professors and researchers. This diversity of profiles allows for the dialogue to be coloured by several perspectives.

What is the cost of the course?

The course is priced differently depending on the country of implementation and the organization’s needs (i.e for a shorter or longer course).  We encourage you to reach out to us and indicate where, when and how many people would you like the course tailored to. In the event that you are not involved with an organization that can sponsor your participation or are unable to afford the course, we still encourage you to sign up for the newsletter. This way we can be sure to give you a heads up in the event of scholarships or discounts for individuals.

When and where is the course?

The course can take place anywhere in the world. We’re flexible and able to travel to you to deliver the course in-house if need be. Recrear is currently based in Colombia and as such prices for us to run the course outside are higher.

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How is the course structured?

Generally, the course takes place over 5 days, broken up into 4 hour sessions or intensively over a weekend.

Take a journey with us and our PAR-model developed by and for young people

We have worked with

Carleton University
Fondation Jeanne Sauvé
Universidad Andina Simón Bolivar

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