(Creativity2 + Research) x Diversity = A repository of creative action research techniques Recrear Research Lab Learn more Research model Research techniques Video Go back Why a research lab? Dance, theatre, storytelling are a few of the methods young people use to express themselves. What if you could find all these techniques in one place? That place is the Recrear Research Lab – a repository of fun participatory action research techniques inspired by the coolest youth projects around the world. We hope you will enjoy it, share it and publish with us! Publish with us Lab in action Go back Let's Co-create Submit your research technique with our step-by-step template. Our awesome and experienced editors will reach to you to get to know you and your technique, help adapt it and wupti, you are ready to get published. why publish with us? Go back Why share your research technique? Recrear is moved by the creative energy of its community. If you believe in the power of art to build community and inspire social change, share your technique with us.

You will contribute to the training of young researchers around the world and be part of a community that believes young voices should be part of the development process.
Why publish with us? Recrear’s vision puts young people first. We believe co-creation is key to designing holistic, impactful and sustainable development projects.

If you share our vision and have a technique in mind, publish with us! We will give you full credit, and you will help us build a more inclusive and creative development model, one technique at a time.
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In Action Want to experience the lab in action? Go back Dive into Participatory Action Research through our conference – Two weeks to learn, live and share with 20 social innovators from all over the world. Magnify Conference Join one of our action research trainings or discover how to adapt the training to the needs of your community, university or organisation. Action Research Training Courses Youth-led Development Programs We assist you to co-design programs and workshops adapted to the needs of the youth of your community, university or organisation.

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