Denisse is an Ecuadorian young researcher raised in Peru and based in Toronto. Her research explores how art, new media, folklore and storytelling can be leveraged to include more voices in activism, community-led development and education.

She is very passionate about creative research methodologies that decolonize our minds and help us embrace diverse ways to know and experience the world.

Denise is one of the editors of the Research Lab and the project manager of the Bathroom Research.


Denisse is an unstoppable dancer with an incredible appetite for arepas. Her partner in crime is the avocado, which she loves to hug.

Gioel - Recrear International


Gioel is the director of the research team at Recrear. This team is Recrear’s right brain, in charge of developing Recrear’s methodologies and projects.

Gioel works to make youth's experience and voice part of international development logics. Gioel is also a PhD candidate at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, UK. Through a case study of Colombian youth organizations, Gioel’s PhD project explores how different funding models affect organizational culture as well as the quality of social organizations’ internal and external relationships.


It is rumoured that Gioel was the inspiration to one of the big hits of late 90’s “I’ll fly with you”, as she anytime, anywhere, makes anyone fly high in a show of acro-yoga.

Anna Wohrlrab

Anna grew up in a small town in Germany, but she has been on the road since she was 17. She loves Latin America, and has an amazing capacity to pick up accents and slang from almost anywhere. Probably because of this talent she decided to earn a master in ‘conference interpretation’ in Cologne, Germany. She interprets her way between German, English and Spanish.

She’s spent the last couple of years working as a German teacher at a Red Cross refugee camp in Cologne, as well as teaching conflict resolution for Global Majority at Rancho Cielo, a school for at risk youth.


Anna is an everyday singer - she sings when she is happy, and she sings when she is sad, so she can be happy again. She loves music and plays a bit of every instrument in her sights.

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