Recrear utilizes a youth-to-youth approach to collect information on young people’s perspectives through participatory research projects. In our work, we explore what young people value, how they define success and how they choose to spend their time. We utilize the information and insight we gather to deepen the connection and improve the quality of collaboration between youth and other development partners.

Do you utilize fun and creative techniques to work with young people? We want to hear from you! Fill in this form, we will reach out to you to start a conversation about adapting your activity into a research technique. The technique will be published giving credits to you/your organization. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

Why a Research Library? 

Dance, theatre, storytelling, meditation are a few of the creative techniques young people are using to express themselves and spark conversation around issues that matter. What if you could find all these amazing resources in one place and learn how to use them to understand, inspire and empower young people in your community? That place is the Recrear Library – This is where will compile and share the creative techniques we come across to engage youth in research and the development process, so everyone can benefit.

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