Sad, yet happy

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RecrearMagnify, 2011


Do you know how often you start the sentence “Yes, but…”? I do it a lot! I wish I could say I used to do it a lot, and that my experience with Recrear, especially our first week in Ashram, has erased all “could’ve”, “should’ve” and “I’ll try” from my head. Nevertheless, it didn’t, or at least did not do it completely. So as this new week started my emotions became polarized.  I feel excited and, yet, very sad. I am excited as I see how every new day opens new perspectives. But having to say goodbye to James today made me very sad, and I was even more so, because I knew l would be living in about a week too. Besides, I was very excited to get to the real project management work, but now I miss spending more time together and learning from the great speakers we had during the last week. I never had a chance to say thank you to Komal, Kirsten and Mitch for bringing in all these amazing people, so Thank you, guys! And finally, I’m excited about our Gala and about working on projects that we can present at this event….but not having a proper dress stresses me out! Maybe if I don’t fight this duality it won’t persist, which will make me the happiest and the most excited person ever!

– Sasha

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