With 16 Practitoners over 14 days

Medellin, July 14th – 30th 2019

Recrear Magnify is a residency program for those who seek to nourish their creative and reflective selves.

For two weeks, you’ll find a home for your exploration. During the 2019 edition we will come together around this question:

“How do we develop skills & nurture relationships to transform the tensions that stand in the way of creating the futures we want?”

We invite you to strengthen your own social practice through participatory action research.

The program is now in it’s 9th edition and has trained over 100 people from around the world who work as program officers, facilitators, artists, researchers, social entrepreneurs, activists, educators, social communicators and youth-development practitioners.

So far hosted in 6 countries

With the following partners:

Elements of the program

Personal Development

Engage with experiential learning techniques, theatre, and rituals to raise self-awareness and group consciousness. Magnify will hold space for you to become more present with yourself and the relationship building processes behind any community work.

PAR Training

Learn and practice Participatory Action Research (PAR) values, tools and principles to explore our learning question. We’ll discover that community experiences are co-created.

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Learn and get inspired

Living and learning together encourages unexpected friendships and intimate partnerships. We’ll bring in partner organizations based in Medellin to help feedback into our own inquiry and share their own practices/experiences.



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Inside out

Our pedagogy elevates intercultural synergies by explicitly creating space for self-exploration. We overcome boundaries of nationality, race, religion and small-talk through group processes aimed at discovering that boundaries between people are fictional. We’re championing for more genuine connections with others. We explore and practice the kinds of values that are the center of facilitating learning processes with young people.

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Knowledge generation

Participatory action research is the model through which we embark on this collective exploration process. For those wanting to deepen learning and creative research practices in their work, there is no better way to learn than be experiencing it first hand. Through action research we’ll discover that community experiences are co-created.

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Heart-to-heart and face-to-face – youth-to-youth cohabitation:

Face-to-face encounters remain central to collective discovery. We don’t just ‘live under the same roof’, we create a lab for intercultural connection and self-exploration. By the end of our collective exploration, we’ve create the foundation to make long-term collaboration possible.


El Juego Consciente/ ‘The Conscious Game’

Personal Development Trainers

El juego is a multicultural nomadic community based in Colombia. They are deeply dedicated to resolving the origin of individual and social conflicts through the use of different healing methods that they investigate and improve. Their work draws from a range of traditions including Marshall Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication, Alexander Lowen´s Bioenergetics and the Dream journey of the Lakota tribes of North America. Some of the techniques they use include family constellations, regressions and respiration. They receive visitors from all over the world and are constantly exchanging knowledge and learning from renowned psychotherapists, conflict resolution specialists and spiritual leaders that are deeply connected and invested in the community.

El Juego will be guiding us through our 3-day personal development course. Our time with them will challenge us to play, break down our walls and re-emerge as a pop-up community.

Kirsten Williams

Participatory Action Research Trainer

Kirsten works at the nexus between youth-led development, participatory action research and nonprofit management. Through co-founding Recrear, Kirsten has been working to blend experiential education with creative research. She co-designed Recrear’s youth-led Participatory Action Research methodology and has implemented it in various contexts.

In her research work, she’s explored topics from youth participation among Afro-Ecuadorians, to socio-economic inclusion of young people in Bolivia, to the program evaluation practices of INGOs in London. Her research around civil society building and nonprofit management has also led to the design of Recrear’s short courses for organizations and universities.

Fiammetta Wegner

Participatory Action Research Trainer

Fiammetta is an Action Researcher and development practitioner specialized in the design and facilitation of participatory processes. She has worked in the development sector at the global and local level for over 7 years. Her work focuses on organizational learning, youth leadership, power analysis and social accountability. She likes to use experiential and creative methodologies to open spaces for individual and collective learning. Fiammetta is a great listener and she loves to leverage the power of groups coming together to explore innovative solutions. In her free time, she is a passionate dancer and believes in the restorative potential of movement and music; she enjoys fusing these practices in her facilitation.


Gaby Biscardi

Program Organizer and Trainer

Gaby is a spirited and deeply reflective Venezuelan who is passionate about exploring group dynamics and psychodrama. A trained facilitator and psychologist, Gaby has dedicated her life to helping groups and individual reach their greatest potential. She launched CreaPsique a Venezuela-based group of consultants on experimenting with psychology, coaching, psychodrama and experiential learning. Ever since joining Recrear through RecrearMagnify in 2016, she has taken up the role of Recrear’s resident life coach.

Gioel Giacchino

Participatory Action Research Trainer

Gioel is in continual pursuit of connection with others. She spends a lot of time thinking about deepening relationships across cultures and sectors. In 2010 she co-founded Recrear. Recrear’s projects have taken Gioel to learn from young people and practitioners from Ecuador to Bangladesh, to Malawi and beyond.

In 2012-2013, Gioel had the opportunity to join the Jeanne Sauve Public Leadership Program as a Fellow. Since then she went on to do a PhD, studying Colombian youth organizations and how they relate to different funding models and organizational culture.

Medellín, Colombia

We’re excited to be back in Medellin, Colombia.
The city is bursting to full with grassroots initiatives, artistic interventions and innovation. Although initially famed for its conflict, today Medellin is a case study of tremendous social transformation that has caught the attention of practitioners and organisations around the world. We’re especially proud to host the residency program in a city where Recrear has been working in and learning from since 2016. Our network of local partners in Medellin are just as excited as we are to receive you. We are proud to have Reflejarse, a Colombian organization supporting private and public clients to integrate social and environmental issues into their business strategy, as an official partner to the program.

For this edition, we are happy to announce we will be located at the beautiful Salsipuedes House in the North of Medellin. Once the home of a famous Colombian artist, today the house has opened itself up for artistic and cultural residencies.

The house comes complete with:

  • A large garden, including space for camp fires
  • A workshop space
  • Lounge
  • A kitchen
  • 6 shared rooms


[ultimate_pricing design_style=”design05″ color_scheme=”custom” color_bg_main=”#f4f4f4″ color_bg_highlight=”#f08a00″ package_heading=”Global South and Student fee” package_price=”1.280″ package_unit=”USD”]1600 CAD[/ultimate_pricing]
[ultimate_pricing design_style=”design05″ color_scheme=”custom” color_bg_main=”#f4f4f4″ color_bg_highlight=”#f08a00″ package_heading=”Fee for young professionals” package_price=”1.520″ package_unit=”USD”]1900 CAD[/ultimate_pricing]
[ultimate_pricing design_style=”design05″ color_scheme=”custom” color_bg_main=”#f4f4f4″ color_bg_highlight=”#f08a00″ package_heading=”Institutional partners” package_price=”1.920″ package_unit=”USD”]2400 CAD[/ultimate_pricing]
**We do not have any scholarships at this stage.**


  • Two weeks food and lodging at the Salsipuedes house in Medellín
  • Ground transport in Medellín
  • A personal development course facilitated by practitioners from El Juego Consciente
  • Training in Participatory Action Research by Recrear’s experienced international trainers/researchers
  • Intensive workshops and lectures led by subject experts, and program relevant project visits in the city

By becoming an institutional partner you receive:

    • A comprehensive toolkit and best practices generated by a global community of practitioners to bring back to your organization
    • A network of practitioners and partners interested in participatory action research and youth-led development
    • The organization’s logo on all RecrearMagnify promotional material and recognition at final gala and on social media
    • Spotlight piece on what your organization is doing around youth

Does not include:

    • Flights
    • Insurance
    • VISA costs
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We strive to select a very diverse group for the program  to learn as much as possible from each other. Young professionals interested in participatory research and/or community development, representatives from NGOs and other institutions interested in our model, students, artists interested in transforming their creative techniques in research methods… the list is long!

If you have read about our work and are excited about Recrear, you should most definitely apply. We are looking for people from all sort of backgrounds with a passion for international and community development. We will prioritize applicants between the ages of 18-35, although we have been known to make exceptions.

Submit your application: You apply to the Magnify by a written application, through which we try to get to know you are little better. The application is followed up by an informal interview with one of our staff members. If everything goes well, you are ready to pack your bags and get ready for an intercultural adventure.

Schedule a quick Skype Interview: If we think you would be a good match for us, you will receive an email from our recruiting team within 10 days from your application and you will be scheduled for a quick Skype interview. The interview is more of a chat to get to know who you are and to introduce our organization. Don’t be silly and dress up with a tie for your Skype interview (one of our very own did!). We will not ask you to put on your camera, and ties generally may not impress us anyways.

Join our team: You will hear from us within a week from your interview. You will be required to pay a deposit to confirm your participation. By the end of May, we will send you a Welcome Package with all the information you need to pack your suitcase and get in the right state of mind for two weeks of Recrear full-immersion.

There are no available scholarships. However if you are part of an institution that could sponsor your participation, you can use this pitchdeck.

The application deadline has been extended to April 15th. We accept applicants on a rolling basis so we encourage you to apply early.

More questions that we did not answer? Bring it. Email us at [email protected] and we will address it.

We have worked with

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Carleton University
Fondation Jeanne Sauvé
Universidad Andina Simón Bolivar
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Are you our next program partner?

Contact us on [email protected]