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Our courses are full of action. The participants are the protagonists of the course. We believe that learning is best when participants are involved in the process.  We create a space that allows practitioners to contribute with their ideas and experiences; using powerful and creative techniques

Learn how to use PAR for social change

Be among the growing wave of practitioners using PAR. Recrear’s model was designed for youth by youth from all over the world. It’s biggest value is using creative techniques to facilitate a dialogue, action and collaboration for more sustainable community development.

Connect individuals and organizations

We recognize that it is essential to connect community actors to create more sustainable development. The course consolidates these links and friendships. By the end of the course, individuals gain a network of potential collaborators so their impact may be that much greater.

How can I participate?

Practicing PAR around a Learning Question

We’re offering a four-day intensive PAR course open to practitioners from across the social transformation space. To effectively practice PAR we’ll do so around a learning question.

As a group we’ll explore:

How do I recognise and facilitate the personal transformation required for me to become part of an organisation/system that feels alive and healthy?”

We are excited to offer the same course in two instances:

Barcelona from May 9th – 12th
The Hague, Netherlands from May 16th – 19th

The objectives of the course:

    • Introduce the values, theories and models of Participatory Action Research
    • Practice the phases of Participatory Action Research
    • Generate knowledge and practices around the learning question
    • Connect with a network of like-minded practitioners
    • Use creative tools and experiential learning to make research engaging.

What participants will take from the course:

    • A new toolkit on PAR to integrate in their community projects.
    • A research model they can replicate with their communities.
    • A network of civil society practitioners interested in youth and participatory forms of development in their communities and around the world.

Who is the course for?

    • Community practitioners
    • Facilitators
    • Youth program managers
    • Activists
    • Grassroots organizers
    • Researchers
    • Educators
    • Social entrepreneurs
    • University students

How is the course structured?

  • Number of sessions: The course will be delivered as an intensive four day course. Participants will complete 22 hours in training.


  • Cost: The cost of either course (The Hague or Barcelona) is 400 euros.
    The course fee does not include lodging, food or transport.
    In the case you are not affiliated to an established institution and would be unable to afford the course, we have partial scholarships for activists/creatives and masters students. You can get in touch with us.


Fiammetta Wegner

Fiammetta is a Participatory Action Researcher and development practitioner with over six years of working experience in the UK and overseas. She is passionate about participatory processes, organizational learning, accountability, research and youth work. She focuses on the creation of spaces for the meaningful participation of disadvantaged groups, such as women and young people, in development and political processes. She has designed and coordinated a number of projects concerning youth-led social accountability and youth-led research as well as action research projects concerning organizational learning and accountability. During her masters in Participation, Power and Social Change – Fia was invited to a training by Recrear. Since then she has continued to work alongside the organization wherever the wind takes her. Fia will co-facilitate the course in Barcelona.

Kirsten Williams

Kirsten works at the nexus between youth-led development, participatory action research and nonprofit management. Through co-founding Recrear, she has been working to blend experiential education with creative research. She co-designed Recrear’s youth-led Participatory Action Research methodology and has implemented it in various contexts. Kirsten grew up traipsing around the world with her mixed up Canadian/Peruvian roots. Today she is happy to call Medellin, Colombia home.

In her research work, she’s explored topics from youth participation among Afro-Ecuadorians, to socio-economic inclusion of young people in Bolivia, to the program evaluation practices of INGOs in London. Her research around civil society building and nonprofit management has also led to the design of Recrear’s short courses for organizations and universities. Currently she’s working with the FRIDA Young Feminist Fund to research the impact their participatory grant making model has had over grantee partners across the world. She will be co-facilitating the course in The Hague, Netherlands.


Gioel Gioacchino

Gioel is in continual pursuit of connection with others. She spends a lot of time thinking about deepening relationships across cultures and sectors. In 2010 she co-founded Recrear. Recrear’s projects have taken Gioel to learn from young people and practitioners from Ecuador to Bangladesh, to Malawi and beyond.

In 2012-2013, Gioel had the opportunity to join the Jeanne Sauve Public Leadership Program as a Fellow. Since then she went on to do a PhD at the Institute of Development Studies, studying Colombian youth organizations and how they relate to different funding models and organizational culture. Currently Gioel acts as the Director of Research at Recrear. Her latest work has her collaborating with CIVICUS to research how grassroots youth organizations and movements around the world are resourced. She will co-facilitate the course in Barcelona.

Liv Kaya Aabye

Liv Kaya is a connector, communicator and creative mind. She combines a care for a social-ecological transformation and a passion for the arts, especially theatre and dance. She is fascinated by group processes and how they can stimulate both personal inner growth and actionable steps leading to a common goal. Liv completed her masters in Peace and Conflict Transformation in Tromso, Norway. There, she co-founded Improlab Tromso, an NGO organizing contact dance, improvisation theatre and storytelling events. She is also active in diverse transnational civil society projects on human rights and democratic youth participation. In this way she uses her background in International Relations and non-formal education to bridge the local and the transnational. Liv joined Recrear in 2017 and found with PAR a la Recrear a magical approach to mix her experience in group facilitation, intercultural communication and artistic practices for designing creative community-led research processes. She will be co-facilitating the course in The Hague, Netherlands.



Registered as a Canadian Charity, Recrear is a youth-led organization with the mission to ensure that young people actively participate in the design and implementation of community development initiatives. By designing and implementing participatory, action-oriented youth-led research projects, we work to create a space for young people to use their imagination and energy to transform their communities. Since launch, Recrear has worked in over 25 communities running youth-led action research projects.

Our action research model is based on the belief that in order to understand community it’s first important to understand ourselves. By understanding how young people feel, think and act, it becomes easier to understand why and how community manifests the way it does. We also believe that being youth-led, action research should be designed and carried out by young people for young people. As such, we use creative techniques to create a creative and inspired environment where young people can also feel a sense of ownership in the space.

By creative techniques, we mean we use activities such as development theater, photography, art, creative writing and movement to facilitate dialogue between youth. We’re always looking to expand and grow our methodology with new techniques that allow the participants to be the protagonists of the workshops and share their experiences, abilities and ideas.

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