Quoting project participants: Marina

Recurso 22
Recurso 26




Now passed 4 classes Recrear. Unfortunately, I later joined the other participants and was afraid that I will have excess, but for nothing. organizers flexibly approached this issue.

A year ago I was constantly asked Sasha about her studies at the University. How come there to learn? it was hard? so I was very interested to hear a detailed picture of the school, I waited a moment when he presented.

Through this project, my knowledge increased, and when you “know” that you are “armed” and not afraid to move toward your dreams)

And now I want to express my gratitude to my teachers Sasha and Nolan!

I hope that Nolan likes to Kazan, and he again comes to our guests ­čÖé

Unfortunately. can not come today, I got sick, but I hope that reading the information in this blog.

With respect, Marina Chernova

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